Digital Marketing

Software Development

  • We develop customized software for every business
  • Our software maintains and controls your business online
  • You can access your business software from anywhere at any time
  • A software program manages the tasks of an entire organization
  • Our software reduces manual work and improves workflow
  • It simplifies the process of reporting and filtering data
  • You can use it to increase the efficiency of your business

Ecommerce software development

  • No Technical hiding
  • Clearing all Doubts to the customers
  • Domain Registration, Cloud Space
  • Crystal Clear Reports
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Performance Analysis
  • Maintenance
  • Application Enhancement

Website development

We develop the best-customized websites according to your need. We have highly qualified professionals and we develop a website within the estimated time frame at the most affordable cost.

  • Business website development
  • Corporate website development
  • Industry website development
  • Ecommerce / Product website development
  • Personal / Blog website development
ProNxt Solutions

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Ranking your website to be on the first page of google. When people search for you on google you can have organic results on the first page of google which helps in business conversions.
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Reaching customers and increasing your sales through social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn raises your brand awareness, generates sales, and increases your website traffic.
Pay-per-click (PPC)
It is an internet advertising model in which an advertiser pays a publisher (usually a search engine, a website owner, or a network of websites or your website) when someone clicks an advertisement on your website.
Content Marketing
Creating and sharing useful, relevant, and quality content to achieve marketing goals.
E-mail marketing
Reaching customers directly via e-mail using text and rich media formats.
Mobile marketing
Reaching customers through their mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets.
Marketing analytics
Business owners should study analytics data that can help them know the customer's interest in the specific type of product or services that maximize their return.
Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a company pays one or more affiliates (persons) for each visitor or customer they bring in through their own marketing efforts.
Viral marketing
Viral marketing, often known as viral advertising, is a commercial technique that promotes a product quickly and widely through existing social media networks.